Spiritual Maturity

The Principle of

Unconditional Love

The Principle of Unconditional Love is the force that gives us chance after chance to transcend regardless of how far from the spiritual path we stray. It is the source of energy that sustains us as a divine shard of God, and the underlying grace that supports our growth and development. Its undiluted flow through our immaculate core is one of the few things about ourselves that we cannot change, as its presence is permanent and well beyond our own or any other being’s influence.

But the nature of this grace can be difficult for us to understand and accept. Typically we are conditioned to view sweet, soft, accepting, and cooperative approaches as “loving”. So we may be surprised to learn from the Ascended Host that the expression of Unconditional Love often is stern, non-permissive, and non-cooperative! This is because the purpose of the divine grace of Unconditional Love is to illuminate our paths to ascension. Serving this purpose, the nature of Unconditional Love is to make all other paths down which we wander difficult, confusing, and otherwise unattractive to us, in the anticipation that we will reject those paths-to-nowhere and set foot on the shining one that leads to ascension.


The futility of a contracting path can be exposed tenderly or with furious wrath, or with any and every other type of energy in between. It can be shown to us via our intuition, our physical experiences, or by the input/intervention/influence/interaction of people around us. Unconditional Love can and does take on all of these forms, and there is never an instance in our lives that it is not being expressed in one or a combination of these ways. At every minute of every day we are being called to transcend our dramas, with the flow of Unconditional Love being constant for each and every one of us, without exception, ever.

Unconditional Love Works in Partnership With Each of the Spiritual Laws

The Principle of Unconditional Love is intricately bound into each of the spiritual laws.

  •  Transcendence

If we are not moving forward, or if we are standing still for too long, we will start to contract. That contraction is the prompt from God to reignite the commitment to transcendence that we made with the Karmic Board as we were preparing to reincarnate for this lifetime.


Even if we are at an emotional stage in our life that we absolutely adore, if we decide to stop at that stage and not transcend it, then under the law of Transcendence the situation — that lovely, enriching, joyous situation — will begin to crack. What has caused the crack is God’s Unconditional Love for us: a crack is the early, easy, obvious sign that it is time to examine our current state of being and use the momentum of what we discern to push our consciousness upward. If we follow through on that gentle sign, we have moved closer to an initiation that, when passed, will move us higher up the ladder of spiritual maturity and closer to our own glorious ascension.


If we do not notice the crack, or notice it but choose to ignore it, the crack will get bigger. This happens because God is not going to write off our ascension — even if our lower mind is happy enough for God to do so if it means staying in this state that we think is sheer paradise. And if we still then further choose to stagnate, the cracks will get bigger and bigger, until the situation crumbles altogether. The reason for this tough love is that God can clearly see the total potential that we possess, a potential that extends well beyond all of the false conditioning we have succumbed to that has limited our expectations of what we can achieve and of what is possible under the laws of physics. God’s Unconditional commitment to our ascension — the ultimate paradise — means God will not stand by and watch us recklessly limit ourselves to being less than that sublime potential.

  •  Self Responsibility

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we have to earn God’s love. This conditioning is utterly false, indoctrinated into us by bullies (anyone who conditions us — no matter how sweetly — to believe we are not inherently worthy of God’s love is a bully, even if they are not consciously aware that this is reality of their incorrect belief) as a means of controlling our rate of transcendence. When we believe these bullying remarks, we convince ourselves that God can only love us when we fulfill certain conditions; this logically means that when we are not meeting those conditions we are, from the highest perspective, purposefully rejecting the flow of God’s Unconditional Love for us. If we have been conditioned like this, we are responsible for discerning the falsity of it and then for overcoming it.

We can ask the ascended masters and our spirit guides for help with this. But we must accept that their assistance will only come in the form of them empowering us to help ourselves. This is because we will not learn a thing if they make our decisions for us or if they “save” us from experiencing the logical outcomes of our choices. And we won’t transcend an inch if we haven’t learned a thing. So the ascended masters and our spirit guides offer us Unconditional Love by empowering us with ideas and inspiration. It is up to us to recognise the ideas and to act on the inspiration — and when we do that, we have grown.

  •  Free Will

We have the Free Will right to reject the experience of the Unconditional Love that is absolutely flowing through us at all times. The “right to reject” is itself unconditional, and will not be interfered with by any ascended master or spirit guide. We are free to believe that we can do something that will turn God against us, we are free to believe that God has never even loved us conditionally let alone unconditionally, we are free to believe that we have to earn God’s love. Although none of these beliefs has any grounding in reality we nevertheless are perfectly free to choose them and to hang onto them for as long as we want to.

And in the same breath let it be known that we can always choose to let go of those contracting viewpoints and tune back in to the unstoppable flow of God’s Unconditional Love. At any point in the process of our incarnation we can choose to unshackle ourselves from the burden of wrongful conditioning and re-open our channels to the divine flow of Unconditional Love. At any point we can choose to begin focusing on the arts, laws, and principles to transcend our limited states of being. The realisation of the flow will be instant when we make that choice, and we are free to step onto the illuminated path at any instant.

  • Karma

As explained above in Self Responsibility, many people have the perspective that God periodically turns off the flow of love to us as a means of teaching us right from wrong. Their belief is that when we are wrong, God is mad at us and punishes us by stopping loving us until we get back on the right track.

This is an erroneous belief. The Law of Karma is the teaching tool that God uses to show us what leads towards ascension and what keeps us on the wheel of reincarnation, and so God has no need whatsoever to turn off the flow of love as a means of guidance. God has faith that we will learn our lessons via the Karmic program, never losing respect for our potential for spiritual intelligence and maturity. Only a parent who loves us Unconditionally can stand firmly in this faith no matter how strongly and agonisingly we plead for the easy-albeit-contracting ways out of taking responsibility for the unpleasant things that we have manifested through our thoughts, words, and actions. This unwavering commitment to our transcendence is Unconditional Love.

  • Discernment

The onus is on each of us to be able to discern what type of Unconditionally Loving action is needed in a given situation in order to encourage and promote another person’s growth. The spiritually gracious Loving act to direct at an extraverted person could very well be harsh words, a blunt cut-off, an outright rejection, or an unexpectedly shocking (non-violent) action. Or, the spiritually graciously Loving act to direct at an introverted person could be a purposeful and explained refusal to comply, a gentle rebuff, a tactful but honest conversation, or a teary parting of ways. We must be able to discern which of these spiritually gracious expressions of Unconditional Love is needed when our respective loved ones are in drama-related pain.

Additionally, the onus is on us to discern the true nature of what we are doing when we respond to people’s contracting behaviours by excusing them, turning a blind eye to them, or encouraging them. When we engage in these responses to protect a loved one who has descended into drama because we do not want them to suffer the painful consequences of their own actions, we are not being Unconditionally Loving — we are preventing them from transcending a destructive mindset, and helping to keep them emotionally and spiritually immature. This type of intensely felt loyalty may be indulgent love, but it is not Unconditional Love. We must develop the mindfulness to discern when we are doing this, and develop the courage to examine why we have engaged it.

  • Detachment

In order to master the Principle of Unconditional Love we must be able to extend the gracious hand of it to others without being too much affected by the reactions of the person on the receiving end of it. Not many people on a wrong path are going to take the expressions of Unconditional Love happily, for it exposes in them a current level of consciousness that they may be ashamed of, which makes them resent our bringing of it to light. It is not unusual for the main reaction to be an acute feeling of betrayal from us, and they plunge into the depths of a drama secondary to the one they are already in. We have to be able to detach from these dramas, in a gracious manner. That graciousness is not cold-hearted, flippant, or callous; it is considered, strategic, and controlled, and always comes from the highest of perspectives. 

We must also be willing to give Unconditional Love without expecting anything in return. We might never, ever receive a thank-you for triggering a person’s transcendence out of drama, and the person might go to their grave hating us for “betraying” them. So be it. That is not our priority, nor our problem. The only context in which recognition matters is that not needing it is an initiation we need to pass on our way up the ladder of transcendence into ascension. Beyond that, recognition and rewards simply have no place in spiritual maturity.

  • Humility

 Perhaps the most pervasive reason so many people on any type of path — spiritual, religious, or scientifically material — cannot feel the constant flow of Unconditional Love that is flowing through us is that we are told over and over again that we are being arrogant, prideful, vain, and outright ludicrous for thinking we do not have to do anything to earn God’s (or, for the scientific materialists, the cosmic universe’s) love. We are told that because we are not physically perfect, because our material conditions are less or more than they “should” be, because we have offended society, because we have committed crimes, because we have gossiped about and bullied other people, because we live in a war zone, because we live in an anonymous suburb, because our possessions have been ravaged by weather, because we don’t have children, because we’re not in an intimate relationship, because a loved one has died, etc., etc., etc. — then that’s the proof we’re not loved Unconditionally by God/the universe.

Believing any of that means we think God is personally zeroing in on us for special treatment of rejection or vindictiveness (which, incidentally, indicates we have not understood the law of Karma). The most important of the many consequences of that spiritual pride is that it leads to us consciously rejecting the experience of the flow of Unconditional Love. What a self-inflicted literal-hell of a price to pay for lacking Humility…


As we can see, the purpose of Unconditional Love flowing through us from the higher realms is to keep us on the path of transcendence by enforcing the consequences of our actions, showing us when we are moving backward and also when we are moving forward.


When we are giving Unconditional Love to each other externally in the same way that that it is being divinely directed into us, it is our responsibility to realise what type of action is needed in a given situation in order to support another person’s transcendence. The Unconditional Love initiation is passed when we are able to accurately judge when it is appropriate to be sweet and soft with a loved one, and when it is appropriate to be hard and uncompromising with them. We must be able to discern the difference between a spiritually gracious tactic and a spiritually ungracious tactic, which means we have to be self aware and strategic when it comes to our actions, rather than reactionary and impulsive.


God Sees You
The proof that you are Loved Unconditionally is the fact that you exist. If you have trouble accepting this, take the time to reflect on all of the spiritually immature and unattractive things you have done over the course of this incarnation and then realize that despite having done all of these damaging things, you are still here! You are here because God has Unconditional faith in your ability to ascend, and has not written you off. There are no criteria of behaviour or ability applying to the nature of God’s Unconditional Love for you. Reach for the higher perspective on your place in the world, and you will come to experience the flow of God’s love, unconditionally.



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