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The Principle of


The Principle of Oneness refers to the gnosis inherent in the core of every living organism that each and every thing that exists is a shard of God. As this gnosis is at the core of our being, it is not at all unusual for it to be buried under layer upon layer of energetic gunk that accumulates in our energetic fields through the acquired belief that anyone who is not like us is separate from — that is, not a shard of — God. This belief in separation shows up in our personalities as anything from indifference towards others to outright hatred of them.

If every single person is a shard of God, then every single person is an immaculate being. They have to be, for God is immaculate. An “immaculate” being is one whose energetic field is free of all of the characteristics that we need to transcend in order to be spiritually whole. An immaculate being has mastered Free Will, Detachment, Self Responsibility, Discernment, Humility, and Karma through mastering Mindfulness, Perspective, and Prayer. An immaculate being holds Unconditional Love for all forms of life and never waivers on the way that Unconditional Love is expressed. Light runs freely through an immaculate being, vibrating at a micro-refined frequency that enables it to reside in the absolute highest of high realms.

If that description does not sound like a single person we know, and if we, ourselves, have not mastered all of the Arts and Laws, nor can tolerate the constraints essential to Unconditional Love, and if we are still on the Karmic rounds of reincarnating again and again on this energetically-dense Earth, how on this Earth can any of us possibly be considered immaculate beings? We can and are because our immaculate states reside at our core, underneath all of the masks we wear and roles we play on the Karmic merry-go-round. Beneath the competitiveness, impatience, prejudices, vulnerabilities, passions, fears, and hatreds that work their way into our energy fields over lifetime after lifetime of failure to transcend lies a core of Godly love, wisdom, and beauty that is our true, immaculate self. Transcending our ego so that our immaculate core is free to vibrate at its purest frequency, cleared of all blockages, is our highest potential, and reaching it will see us released from Karma and able to return permanently to the higher, lighter realms.

How to See the Immaculate Core in People we Dislike – or Even Outright Hate

Ascended Master Mary has taught extensively on the immaculate reality at the core of every single one of us. Mary recognises that there are more people on this Earth that we dislike rather than like, let alone love. To help reverse this sense of separation between us, she has devised a simple technique for seeing the immaculate reality in every single being.

Her technique is as follows:

1. Choose one master of ascension who brings you to a sense of calmness. It can be any Ascended Master you like, as long as that master brings you to peace rather than power or defensiveness. (Some of the masters associated with calmness are Mary, Avalokitesvara, Quan Yin, Vishnu, Guatama Buddha, El Morya, Pallas Athena, Hilarion, White Tara, St Francis, Maitraya, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Krishna, Jesus, Manjushri, and Parmahansa Yogananda.)

You can dress your Ascended Master up in any attire that suits you. If you choose to see Mary as a 20-something young woman wearing jeans, a T-shirt, sunglasses, and a high pony tail — that’s fine with Mary. As long as you know it’s her.

2. From now on, with every person you encounter — male and female alike — superimpose this vision of your master of ascension over the appearance of them. Superimpose the people in your train carriage with that master. Superimpose the people in your office with that master. Superimpose your partner, your children, your parents, your neighbours, with that master.

You might find it the most difficult to picture the people you are linked closest to as your master of ascension, given all the politics that have likely built up between you over the long time (lifetime, even) that you’ve known each other.

Do you feel the urge to have one master for males and another master for females? That indicates separation. Do you find it insulting to superimpose a female master of ascension over a powerful man? Or a male master of ascension over a delicate woman? Why? Here you have a piece of self-discernment that needs to be made and the impulse transcended.

3. And then go further. Superimpose your chosen master of ascension over the people you don’t like. Politicians, militaries, terrorists, anybody else. Check your reaction to this part of the technique: do you find this offensive to the master you chose? Do you find this part of Mary’s technique inappropriate, unjustifiable? If you do, remember that no matter how dense and ugly are the layers of dark energies that pollute these people’s outward expression, underneath all of that dross and horror lies an immaculate being, a shard of God, waiting to be freed of that terrible, putrid energy. The Ascended Masters can see these people’s immaculate cores — we are trying to reach that ability, too.

And that is Mary’s technique. She has devised it to help us “fake it ‘til we make it”. Her technique quickly draws us into a deeply wakened-meditative state without us even realising it; see how calm this leaves you feeling, and know that those people with clairvoyant sight will notice your aura is suddenly giving off a brilliant white slow burn. 

Mary knows that if we follow her technique, eventually we will be able to maintain the immaculate perspective for every being without having to sacrifice their individuality in the process. And when we can do that, we have mastered the Principle of Oneness.

Oneness Goes Hand-in-Hand With Discernment

Oneness is not an “anything goes” policy. It’s not indefinite tolerance of abusive behaviour, or lazy behaviour, or selfish behaviour. It’s not about switching off our common sense. It’s not about seeing divinity in cruelty nor allowing just anyone into our circle. This is because the Principle of Oneness does not eclipse the Law of Free Will, under which people must experience the consequences of their destructive actions as potential motivation to transcend them and move further across the bridge to spiritual maturity. Thus, while we do hold the immaculate conception for a destructive person — which means making the connection that we are one with them at the core level — we also discern that the person’s energy field is polluted with blockages. We superimpose our chosen master of ascension over the person, but at the same time we also privately acknowledge the load of work the person has to do to free their Immaculate core from its imprisonment, and we turn away from them, as their actions deserve. We reflect on the Principle of Unconditional Love, and during that reflection consider what would be the highest-perspective response we could give to them to help them transcend their destructive state of mind. We pray that they will come to understand and accept the laws of Free Will and Transcendence, and that they will take responsibility for making choices that will expand them out of their dramas.

So, Discernment goes hand in hand with Oneness — whilst we are discerning that the person is indeed Immaculate at their core, at the same time we are discerning there are layers of illusion imprisoning that person’s immaculate core, and that it is alright for us to walk away from the person or attempt to persuade them to behave differently.

Oneness with our Local or Chosen Community is Only the Start

Many of us on a particular spiritual path find it easy to feel a sense of Oneness with other people who are on the exact same path as us. If we belong to an organised group that meets regularly or communicates online regularly, we can easily sense the Oneness of our group. We feel friendship, joy, and excitement with “our people”, and have no problem with accepting each person as a shard of God, just like us.

While these cases of “like likes like” are an easy single step across the bridge, they are not the highest expression of the Principle of Oneness, for they are limiting the inclusiveness of it and not challenging us to transcend characteristics of superiority within us that ultimately are pulling us downward. The highest expression is achieved when we innately understand, and integrate to the extent we never have to think about it, that all people are shards of God, regardless of the path they are on and regardless of their opposition to us. This does not at all mean finding approval of everyone regardless of what they are doing — but it does mean not feeling hatred for those of those with whom we do not identify. It does mean that we hold the Immaculate conception for everyone, and keep our downward-pulling emotions under control.

How Strong is Our Oneness with Our Community IN ACTUALITY?

For those of us committed to actively pursuing the path of spiritual maturity, communities and groups provide ample opportunity to practice mindfulness of opportunities for transcendence. In this regard, if we are feeling a sense of Oneness with our group, we can summon the courage to use the process of discernment to see if we have set up conditions that need to be filled before we can feel this sense of Oneness. In so many cases of Earthly love we have subconsciously set conditions for behaviours of the people we like and/or love (the main condition seems to be that “I will like/love you on the condition you like/love me back”). If we are to truly to reach the highest expression of the Principle of Oneness, we need to be mindful of what it takes for us to lose our sense of Oneness with someone in our group and turn to viewing them as not a shard of God. It probably takes something very little — a single “wrong” word, a single “wrong” tone, a single “wrong” look, a single “wrong” suggestion — for us to lose that sense of Oneness in a heartbeat. If we can lose this sense so quickly, we likely never really had the principle mastered to begin with. We were probably wading up to our ankles in the shallow end of the pool thinking how lovely the gentle splashing is, when we could have been full-body gliding, turning, twisting, and somersaulting gracefully in the light-green depths of the deep end. If we discern this is the case for us, we have a wonderful opportunity for purposefully transcending what had been a downward-pulling state of mind. 

In groups and communities it’s easy to feel Oneness with others when we are all agreeing with each other and getting along well enough. Unfortunately it’s especially easy to feel Oneness when we are uniting with others in our group to ungraciously criticise, judge, or gossip about someone else. If this is the type of outplaying that we require in order to feel Oneness with (an exclusive band of) others, we have firstly limited the scope of the principle, and secondly turned it in the opposite direction of its reality; each of these free-will actions will start a downward pull on our state of being.

The Challenge of Global Awareness

The Internet has made holding the Immaculate conception harder than it’s ever been in history. Not only do we now have live access to things happening around the world that even 10 years ago we would have never known anything about, or 30 years ago that we would have waited weeks or months to find out, but our “community” is now physically global. Via Facebook, Twitter, Wikileaks, blogs, online newspapers, and on and on and on we are able to learn intimate details of life in places far remote from our location, and we are also made aware of horrendous actions of certain governments, religious leaders, court systems, institutions, and individuals all around the world. Learning of such actions can leave us feeling anguish, fury, outrage, disgust, and more. All we can think about is seeing these parties exposed, punished, and destroyed. And the last thing we want to do is claim any Oneness with these types of people. But. If we consider ourselves to be a serious seeker of spiritual maturity, then we are beholden to recognising the Immaculate states at the core of these people. We must remember that no matter what another party has been exposed as doing, the people who make up that party are as much shards of God as we are. They have completely smothered their godliness with detestable, vile energy, but nevertheless, at their absolute core, they are Immaculate.

Transcending Our Early Programming

Many of us have been taught from early childhood to hate, discriminate against, and judge other groups of people for the involuntary circumstances of their lives. Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income bracket, family, and prowess are just some of the circumstances in others that children often are taught by their parents to hate, discriminate against, and judge on sight. That deliberate teaching of separation to children seems to be a fact of life, and is hard for any child to avoid. But if we, as dedicated seekers of spiritual maturity and therefore engaging in an ongoing process of mindfulness, happen to discern that we have not let go of whatever hateful separation we were indoctrinated into when young (or equally possibly that we were born with an instinct for)we have, at the same time, identified one of the first and oldest characteristics within us that is a wonderful opportunity for major transcendence. If we can go on to actually make this liberating, truly beautiful transcendence (perhaps using Mary’s technique to get us started), we will have come very far in expressing Oneness at its highest potential. From a spiritually pragmatic perspective, this type of transcendence clears our hatred and discrimination karma, which typically will have been a characteristic within us in past incarnations and will be so in our future ones until it is discerned and transcended.

Reaching the Point of Initiation

On the path to mastering Oneness it is likely that at some point we will start to feel a little isolated. We might find we’re the only person not standing in judgement of others, and we’ll find ourselves wondering how long it’s going to take the others to catch on to this necessary ingredient for karma-clearing transcendence. We’ll feel a sense of sadness that others can wear masks of meanness and cruelty so well and with such commitment. We’ll find that some people just won’t want to be around us anymore (this will be because our light is now too bright for them to tolerate), and the immediate impact on us (before we choose to find the higher-perspective view) will be hurt feelings. That’s all part of the journey across the bridge. The initiation into Oneness is to maintain the Immaculate conception for all people at all times, even in the acute heat of displeasure with them. Remember that we are in no-way-whatsoever required to tolerate poor behaviour, and are free to defend ourselves graciously without sinking into downward-pulling actions, but at the same time as defending ourselves we are holding the Immaculate vision for our protagonist. When we can do this, and live like this, we are true masters of the Principle of Oneness. 

The Reward for Success

Ultimately succeeding in living in accordance with the Principle of Oneness leaves us freer than ever to be our natural self. This is because mastering Oneness essentially means being able to accept everyone as they are, and given the universe is a mirror to what we project, people start to return that favour to us. They can sense that we are not judging them, and so generally they stop judging us. There will be people who don’t stop judging us even though we are not doing it to them, but we no longer really care, because our precious understanding of the reality of Oneness is the support tower upon which we stand securely and with serenity. We can easily discern that their judgement of us is a mask covering their Immaculate core, that removing that mask is their own responsibility, that the decision to remove the mask is to come from their own free will, and that under the Law of Transcendence the mask will indeed come off at some point. None of that stops them from being a shard of God. None of it.

We don’t “reach” Oneness — because it is never lost in the first place. Whether we realise it or not, whether we are on a spiritual path or not, Oneness is the core of all existence. Not just of our existence — but of existence, full stop. What we do is lose sight of Oneness. And that is an entirely different matter to not having it to begin with. If you have trouble accepting this fact, consider why you can find yourself inflamed with empathetic passion for issues happening to others that have little direct relevance to you. This passion stems from your innate, unmitigated, highest-self acceptance of the Principle of Oneness. The task for all of us is to draw this highest-self aspect down into our lower-self consciousness and live our Earthly life in accordance with it. That is the point to where all of the spiritual Arts and all of the Laws are intended to bring you. That is the greatest initiation.

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