Spiritual Maturity

The Law of Karma (I)

The Mechanics

Karma is a program of planned events that will happen to us in a given incarnation as a means of giving us plenty of opportunities for achieving spiritual maturity. It is not a punishment system, nor a revenge system, nor a “balancing” system that explains why bad things happen to good people. It is an Education-And-Initiation program that, if understood and embraced, can see us vault up the spiral staircase of transcendence, leap across the bridge to spiritual maturity, and make our ascension to the realms of the masters.

The masters openly teach that to achieve ultimate ascension we must pass through and sustain the results of 144 spiritual initiations. We will not face those 144 initiations in one incarnation — we will have many, many incarnations to sit those tests of maturity and climb the staircase of spiritual development. Growth towards maturity in any incarnation is never an automatically-granted thing — quite the contrary, it is entirely possible that we will move down the staircase in an incarnation, by making choices that see us undo previously expansive results. Each time we do fail an initiation (incidentally, usually we have no idea we are sitting for one at the time), a special group of ascended masters notes our missed opportunity and prepares a plan for us to be given another chance to pass it, at a later date. This plan is known as our “Karma”. 

The Karmic Board

Credentialed mediums and psychics worldwide uniformly confirm that the group of ascended masters responsible for overseeing the progress of our initiations is the Karmic Board. The board is made up of seven masters of ascension who have accepted the task of monitoring our progress and recommending the areas we might like to focus on in upcoming incarnations. Those seven members and their specialities are:


  • St. Germain (board coordinator)
  • Portia (justice)
  • Nada (energy)
  • Pallas Athena (truth)
  • Kwan Yin (mercy)
  • Cyclopea (insight)
  • Liberty (freedom)


Mediums and psychics have discerned that an eighth master has joined the board recently to help oversee the Age of Aquarius (we are coming out of the Piscean Age, which was overseen by Jesus, and entering into the Aquarian Age [also referred to as the Golden Age], which will be overseen by St. Germain). The mediums and psychics are patiently working to confirm whether that master is Vajratsattva or Saithrthu, and what the new specialty is (leaning towards “wholeness”).

St. Germain (board coordinator)

St. Germain has been assigned the position of Great Divine Director of the Karmic Board for the Age of Aquarius. His role is to ensure the board is following God’s intent behind the Karma program. He is responsible for setting the priorities for Golden Age, and when to change who the members of the board are. 

Portia (justice)

Portia’s focus is divine justice. Justice in the realms of the divine does not have the same meaning as we give it on Earth: in the ascended realms, “justice” means “balance”, and largely applies to the process of Transcendence. Justice to the ascended masters does not mean “fairness” or “compensation” in the senses that we take it to mean on Earth — because there simply is no competition in the ascended realms, which means there is nothing to cheat others out of, which means there is no need for punishment or retribution in the nature that we deem necessary for Earthly justice.

Portia teaches that we achieve a “just” transcendence when our spiritual growth follows the God-recommended pattern of two steps forward, one step back. The method is: expand a safe distance, stop and take a breath (to ensure burn-out does not occur); contract a small, healthy bit (to build forward momentum); push forward again, slightly past the first expansion (the essence of “transcendence”); keep going like that for your whole incarnation (thus realising growth). That is the balanced approach to transcendence, and what Portia will help us with if we ask her to. 

Nada (energy)

Nada focuses on encouraging each of us to let our divine spark shine on Earth as much as it does when we are in “heaven”. In that sense, she is the champion of self-esteem, which is the very basis of our energy level, our zest for life. Nada’s gravest observation throughout the Piscean age (the past 2,000 years) has been the relentless persecution of women for letting their divine lights shine. We will notice in the generations incarnating from the 1970s onwards that women will have an easier time expressing their true natures despite others (including other women) attempting to suppress their light — this is the result of Nada’s hard work with these ground-breaking souls in their pre-incarnation sessions with the Karmic Board. We can call on Nada for help when we feel our energy draining. 

Pallas Athena (truth)

Pallas Athena’s focus is our progress with seeing through worldly illusions and identifying the divinity in life. She is the champion of Discernment. She coaches us to strengthen our divine flame and commit to spiritual growth so that we can speak with the authority of maturity. Pallas Athena is the master we can call on for bravery in the face of the ridicule it’s likely we’ll face when we dare to let our divine light shine, and for the strength to accept new truths in order to transcend our state of being. 

Kwan Yin (mercy)

Kwan Yin is the master who organises our return to God when we accept that all other avenues for lasting contentment are fruitless. Kwan Yin works with our individual spirit guides to ensure the path back to God is always in front of us. She holds the door open and her hands outstretched in readiness for our arrival. God never, ever says no to those who seek their return to their divine nature. This is the mercy that is Kwan Yin’s focus. 

Cyclopea (insight)

Cyclopea is the master responsible for helping us recognise and accept our immaculate core — our true selves under all of the illusions and disguises we have embraced over our incarnations. He encourages us to strip back the dross and uncover our highest self, then to draw that highest self down into our Earthly personhood and live it consciously on earth. When we do this, we are blessed with heightened intuition and a wisdom that reaches the levels of gnosis. We can call on Cyclopea in the times that we are engaging in self-loathing, and he will help us see our true divinity.

Liberty (freedom)

Lady Liberty is another board member who works to help us free ourselves from illusion. She encourages within us the spark of inspiration to rebel against factors that are oppressing us. This can mean that she will push us to the point of spiritual breakdowns if that will be the only thing that will lead us to make more expansive decisions. She is also behind the Karmic breakdown of governments and societies that have spiritually contracted so much that their points of collapse and destruction have been reached. In this regard, Liberty is intimately associated with the law of Transcendence. We can call on her to assist us with inspiration to move ahead with our spiritual development.

Each of the Karmic Board members’ specialities interrelate with the others’, and each member is committed to helping us reach full spiritual maturity.

Meeting with the Karmic Board

All of us — the spiritual, the religious, the materialists — are guaranteed to meet up with the Karmic Board at least twice in relation to each incarnation.

The first meeting occurs during the preparation for an upcoming incarnation, and the second occurs at the end of an incarnation (after our mortal death).

The purpose of the first meeting is to discuss the level of maturity we are setting out to reach in the upcoming incarnation. We have total input into the plan, and nothing is forced upon us by the board. The souls who will guide us throughout the incarnation will be present at the meeting, as they will need to know our goals are if they are to be of use to us. When the plan has been decided upon, we wait for the planets in our particular solar system to be situated in precisely the alignments that will ensure that we have the maximum chance of success, and it is then that we incarnate.

The purpose of the second meeting with the board is to review the results we secured by the time our incarnation had concluded and our mortal bodies have ceased functioning. Many of us on Earth may be scared of this meeting. We may be thinking, “Look, I know I haven’t been as nice as I should have been, I know I let things get to me, I know I’ve been selfish and petty and mean, and I already feel guilty enough. I don’t want to have to live it all over again and be ashamed of myself in front of the Karmic Board”. Or, we may have been subject to so much unwanted criticism on Earth that the thought of being reviewed and critiqued all over again, in minute detail, by the all-seeing board is agonising and just makes us want to hide from everyone and everything, including the Lords of Karma.

If this is the nature of our thoughts, then we need to take heart that the Karmic Board is not a group of black-and-white-thinking accountants who have pencils tucked behind their ears as they tabulate a balance sheet of every positive and negative thought, comment, and action we have, say, and do. The board is, rather, looking at how many initiations we arrived at, how many of those we took up the challenge to pass, and how many we looked the other way from — and why we looked away. They note the areas in which we are showing consistent problems, and weigh up all of the factors that are contributing to those problems. The board does not apply judgement to what its sees — it simply records the facts of our progress. The members never, ever lose sight of us being a shard of God that has an immaculate core, and so never get angry at us, for any reason, not even if we feel we deserve it, or if the other people who know what we did feel we deserve it. They never laugh at our mistakes, never roll their eyes, nor make sarcastic remarks to each other about us. This is because being ascended masters, they of course specialise in Unconditional Love, and that is the filter they use to analyse us and recommend the action plan for increasing our spiritual maturity.

The Omega Plan: The School of Hard Knocks

Very often the strongest motivational factor for upgrading our state of being is a desire to avoid the pain associated with being at the lower levels. When we are tired of the pain that is resulting from choices we are making, we tend to make changes to the way we respond to people, events, and circumstances; those changes can be the difference between transcending towards spiritual maturity and contracting towards eventual collapse.

If this is the only type of situation that motivates us to change (transcend), then we are given those situations. The Karmic plan we settled on pre-incarnation with the board, and our accompanying astrological profile, guarantee that we will experience pain, and what type of pain that is. The pain is intended to prompt us to reflect on the laws and principles and to strive to master each so that no pain is ever felt by us again.

Another Karmic purpose for experiencing pain is so that we can understand what it is like to be a victim of matters both beyond our control and for what we are totally or partially responsible. The transcendental extension of this ideology is that once we know what it is like to be a victim of pain, we will take practical steps to ensure that we never inflict the same type of pain on anyone else. This extension is otherwise known as “compassion”. 

If at the end of an incarnation it turns out that we were unable to exercise compassion, and did not make choices that would bring us to mastership of the laws and principles, we will find that our future incarnations will include more experiences of pain, either from a different point of view or from the same point of view as in the original incarnation. This is what it means to “incur” Karma.

An Example of the Omega Plan in Action

For example, in an original incarnation we may have found ourselves the victim of a heinous action by another person, and in our fury at that person for their act, we killed them. Killing someone is taking heaven by force, and thus going against the law of Free Will (it is not our right to choose when and/or how another person’s incarnation should end, it the other person’s choice, either made before they incarnated, or as a result of their own incarnated Free Will actions that lead them off their pre-incarnation plan). We cannot ascend until we have mastered all of the laws, Free Will included. 

So the Karmic Board will decide on an appropriate scenario that will give us the chance to respect and master the Law of Free Will (in this case), in our current or a future incarnation. The scenario chosen will reflect the certain skills within each of the laws and principles that we have already mastered and secured at the time of the board’s decision-making.


  • One scenario may be that the person we killed in the original incarnation will kill us in the next one. This should not be interpreted as “revenge” or as the “balancing” of a wrong-doing: it certainly was not God who declared “an eye for an eye”. Rather, in this scenario we are being shown the pain of having our Free Will right to determine the length of our own life taken away from us. Maybe the emotional pain of that will be enough to transcend us into respecting the Law of Free Will in another incarnation.
  • A second scenario might be that the person will commit the same heinous act on us as they did in the original incarnation, and again leaves us wanting to kill them. In this scenario we are being offered the opportunity to choose a response to the aggression that is in line with the laws and principles. Maybe we will have matured enough to choose to walk away from the offender and engage the arts of prayer and the Higher Perspective for the person rather than take away their Free Will right to remain incarnated.
  • A third scenario may be that the person we killed in the original incarnation kills someone we love, rather than us. In this scenario we are being shown the domino-effect of emotional pain that is created when a loved one’s Free Will right to incarnation is taken away from them, and us. Maybe the pain we feel from this will open the door for compassion and we will never want to cause that pain of loss of Free Will right to incarnation for anyone else, ever.


And there will be dozens more plans of this type that relate to the instance of killing someone.

So, the Omega Plan is about learning and growing through the School of Hard Knocks.

But, there is nothing to say we have to enrol in that school. We have a choice as to how we learn and grow. 

The Alpha Plan: Transcendental Epiphany

We can avoid the School of Hard Knocks by choosing to learn and grow and pass initiations through constant, daily, painstaking, transcendence of our current state of being.

Under this Alpha method of growth, if we can: 

Discern that one of our actions violated one of the laws or principles



Use the Higher Perspective process to reflect on why we took that particular action



Accept responsibility for having made the free will choice to act in the way we did



Truly, utterly integrate what we have learned into our interpersonal relationships



Consciously, naturally, advance closer to full embodiment of true Oneness 


We have had an epiphany that will see us transcend the state of being we were in when we made the mistake that otherwise would have incurred Karma. And we will not have to be on the receiving end of a hard knock in a future incarnation.


This process sounds easy, enjoyable — and certainly preferable to the School of Hard Knocks. But, it is not often an easy and enjoyable experience. That is because what we discover about ourselves when we have the courage to be honest (we will have Pallas Athena, Liberty, and Cyclopea encouraging us) can be shocking, disappointing, stunning, embarrassing, devastating, and shattering. Subconsciously we know this, and so we seldom venture up to the levels of reflection that the Alpha plan to transcendence requires of us. The type of epiphany needed to avoid the Omega plan of Karma is profound, and not as easily come by as other, mental-plane, epiphanies can be.

The added beauty of the Alpha plan is that when we have such a true epiphany, our divine light strengthens exponentially, and we will attract others who want to learn from us (Nada will be pleased).

So Much for the Mechanics!

We can see that Karma is a tool for Transcendence; a result of Free Will choice; and avoided by Discernment and Oneness. It works with the laws and principles to teach us, and we can use the laws and principles to overcome it. The power is ours.


In the second article on Karma we will go into past lives, archetypes, and how to handle our lust for revenge.




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