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The number one priority of every single member of the Ascended Host is getting us to understand and accept that each of us is a being of astounding worth to God. This is their priority because when we integrate that knowledge into our lives, we start to live out the fullness of our spiritual potential in every way, which is God’s ambition for us. Living out that potential means being graciously proud of what we are, and so thankful for the gift of our “self” that we express its beauty, wisdom, and truth in all of God’s unrestrained glory. The masters identify that as “living with Humility”. 

Humility is not about depravation, suffering, suppression, shamefulness, and anonymity. Those things repress the full expression of divine potential for bountifulness, easiness, freedom, creativity, and leadership that without exception is at the core of every single one of us. Living with Humility means we have set aside all ego-based presumptions that God has made a mistake with us and that therefore we should not be celebrated. When we permit our ego to cancel our expression of the divine potentials in our life and to make us believe we are not to be celebrated, we are declaring that our ego knows better than God does — and that is the definition of spiritual pride. 

Even though we are all at our own particular level of spiritual accomplishment, and there are plenty of people on Earth who are noticeably much higher up the scale than we might be at this time, none of us is more valuable to God than the other is. A person who is at “level 2” of spiritual maturity is of no less value in God’s eyes than is a person who is at “level 143” — or even any masters of ascension, including the Ascended Host. The reason so many of us have a hard time believing this is that we sense that we will be contradicted, opposed, ridiculed, mocked, teased, and patronised if we accept our equality with anyone else commonly accepted as being “divine”, and we know with certainty that in some countries we will be physically attacked and even killed for it. We often suffer these consequences just for having the nerve to acknowledge our self-worth even if we’re not holding our self up to equality with someone else.

These fears are well grounded in reality, because the meaning of the Law of Humility has been subverted into use as weapon of suppression for century upon century. It just might be the single-most misunderstood of all of the spiritual laws, on the one hand drawing out extremes of behaviour in people seeking to prove their “piety” (and forcing others to do the same) or doing everything they can to prove their independence from God; and on the other hand commonly seeing subtle, yet brutal, smothering of the divine sparks of creative achievement and beauty in our self and others who try to be who they really are. 

The Extreme Rejections of Humility

On the one extreme are the many people on spiritual paths who think that in order to avoid falling into pride they have to make themselves extremely bland in their dress, manner, and self-expression. They will make physical attractiveness a low priority, lest they give off the impression they see value in their physical shell. They will not stand up to voice an opinion because they see a hierarchy of leadership in society, believe they have a lowly place in it, and therefore they must always listen and never be heard. They will engage in rituals, rosaries, chants, and services on a regular basis, seeing no need to change and develop, leave behind, or otherwise transcend these practices because their leaders and their society have told them these are what they should do and think, and what makes them appropriately humble and acceptable.

On the other extreme are the many people who see the lifestyle of the above-mentioned group and run a million miles in the other direction. The obvious self-annihilation being displayed in the name of Humility by the extremely pious people is most off-putting, and triggers every panic button in these other people’s psyche (ego). And they rebel. Their rebellion comes in the form of devotion to materialism and/or science. There is nothing at all spiritually “wrong” in having nice material possessions and viewing science with great respect and gratitude — but the people we are referring to here take that respect and gratitude to the extreme, and come to worship both. They find fulfilment in the immense pride they feel in possessing the best of anything material and their belief in whatever a scientist puts forth. 

Note that these two extremes absolutely repulse each other, because the law of physics mandates that all polarities are repelled by their opposite. The people attracted to either extreme tend to be closed off to transcending their habits, and become fanatical about their point of view. Those who do manage to realise the untrue nature of their position usually nonetheless still remain addicted to the concept of extremism, and often jump straight from their original polarity — for which they have now developed hatred — straight into the other polar view, adopting it as their new, fanatical lifestyle. They have transcended nothing, however, as they’ve simply gone from one prideful extreme to the other.

The way to transcend the Karmic loop-de-loop of extremism is to carve our way back to the middle ground — Buddha’s “middle way” and Jesus’ “straight and narrow path”. We are on the middle ground when we accept that we are immaculate shards of God partaking in our own unique, Karmic, individual learning experiences — and that every single other person is the same. This should lead to us allow other people to just “be”, without falling into competitiveness with, or hatred for, them. This is another way of saying that Humility — the middle ground — means living in accordance with Oneness.

The Subtle Rejections of Humility

The subtle expressions of pride are very well hidden in plain sight, and are not recognised as such by most of us. They occur when we find ourselves trying to control other people’s self-esteem. We attack other people’s self esteem when we make remarks to each other that are snide, sarcastic, hypocritical, untruthful, scathing, proscriptive, narrow-minded, and/or in denial of their talents and potential. Many of these categories are reached in face-to-face daily encounters, and when we later (or often quickly) use those encounters as fodder for gossip with others. We engage in these subtle ways of control as a means of elevating or maintaining our own standing over the person we have just energetically attacked. We want power over them because the lower their confidence is, the higher and more accomplished we feel in comparison. This type of pride is borne out of competition, and competition is expression of ego-based pride.

The way to transcend the Karmic loop-de-loop of subtly attacking others’ sense of self-esteem and having others attack ours is to master the arts, laws and principles. Detachment and Self Responsibility are the keys to avoiding competition, and avoiding competition is an important element of mastering Humility. This is because where there is a sense of competition there is a desire to defeat, eliminate, conquer, and reign supreme over the “other” — all of which equates to ego-based pride. These desires are where bullying stems from, and why mastering the law of Humility is so very important.

Bullies Take Note — You’re Treading Dangerous Ground

Bullying someone on the basis of their unique personality is refusing to let that person live in a state of Humility — because living according to our true characteristics for a given incarnation is living in a state of Humility. When we pick on someone for their personality not being what we would like it to be, or because our personality is stronger than theirs, or because it’s an easy way to feel Oneness (the misdirected kind) with others (other bullies, as it turn out), we are trying to humiliate that person out of living in accordance with the law of Humility. From the perspective of our highest self, we know we do this because we don’t want the person to master the laws and principles — because if they do, they will leave us behind at the level we used to share with them, or they will clearly expose the level we are left at. We don’t want to be left behind because we want company and validation at our level, and we don’t want our level exposed because exposing it usually means acknowledging it, and acknowledging it means we are now responsible for transcending it. We don’t want to put in the work to grow, develop, and mature — because reaching spiritual maturity is a painstaking process of conscious effort to arrive at very challenging initiations that, once passed, have no guarantee of permanency. Growing, developing, and maturing means “changing”, and most of us are frightened of significant change. So we say to ourselves, “It’s too hard and I have no one to help me”, or “I’m too tired to put in the work”, or “If I change, my friends won’t like me anymore”. And once we reach that stage, we often decide that it would just be a whole lot easier to pull someone else down rather than raise our self up.

Thus we begin to take conscious and subconscious measures to ensure that the people around us stay at the level of spiritual maturity that we want them to be at. (These decisions never come from the higher consciousness, because the higher consciousness simply cannot fathom the separation that our two lower minds take such immense pride in.)

When we take steps to prevent others from expressing their divinely innocent selves, we are preventing those people from living in accordance with the law of Humility by intimidating them into suppressing their divine spark. Yes — it is true that they are responsible for discerning that we are attempting to stop them from mastering the law of Humility — probably for Karmic reasons — and then for detaching from our attack through using their free will to reflect on the purpose of Karma and committing to the mastering of Oneness. But, they are not at a high enough level of spiritual maturity to follow this process of transcendence, and so they are vulnerable to our competitive impulses. And we take advantage of that.

When we do take advantage like this, we undoubtedly are “taking heaven by force”, and therefore truly are contracting our spiritual maturity by falling many levels down the ladder of growth. And unless we 1) Come to the realisation this is what our true motive for bullying is, 2) Use the pain of that realisation to produce compassion, and 3) Let that compassion result in a Transcendental Epiphany that humbles us into embracing Oneness, then at the same time that we are falling down the ladder of maturity we are incurring Omega Plan Karma that will distance us from higher-level — and therefore easier — incarnations after this one is over.

If we can identify our self as following one of these patterns of behaviour, and if that discernment fills us with horror, let that horror be our impetus to transcend our anti-Oneness mindset once and for all in this, our current, incarnation, so that we never again deny another person the opportunity to live in accordance with the Law of Humility. 


Honouring our Physical Shell is an Act of Humility, Being Ashamed of it is Pridefulness

The Law of Humility encourages us to look our best in dress and style. According to the Ascended Host, we can dress to complement our shape, we can colour our hair if we want to, we can apply makeup to highlight our natural beauty, and we can groom our features in enriching or “interesting” ways. There is nothing prideful about celebrating the physical shell that we were given by God. Looking good does not detract a single iota of value from our spiritual achievements. On the contrary, it is a sign of great humility to show our physical shell in the best light for it, whatever unique shape it is, because by doing so we are celebrating what God has created just for us and ensuring that its beauty is maximised in honour of God. It is an act of Humility to use the creative abilities that God gave many of us when it comes to putting together colours in striking ways, draping fabric in complimentary ways, styling hair in lovely ways, and matching fabrics in harmonious ways. These creative abilities were given to a lot of us all over the world to help manifest the visual harmony on Earth that is in natural abundance in the higher dimensions, and it is very important that we use them for this purpose.

Nowhere, anywhere, to anyone, in any point in history does any ascended master from any branch of spirituality tell us that God requires us to wear a uniform of black. This is because the colour black is the result of energy vibrating at a very dense level. Physicists explain that a colour is formed when energy vibrates at a certain rate of megahertz. Each colour vibrates at its own, distinct megahertz. The higher the megahertz rate, the lighter the energy produced, and the lighter the colour that results. The lower the megahertz rate, the denser the energy produced, and the darker the colour that results. The colour at the lowest megahertz rate, and therefore with the densest vibration, is black. Why would the ascended masters instruct us to wear a colour that drags our divine energy down? They wouldn’t, and they don’t. 

Nor does any master of ascension tell us to cover our hair or the crown of our head. The crown of the head is where the Seventh Chakra is located, and this chakra is the point of entry for divine light and energy. When we cover it up, we are sending the message that we want to block out divine inspiration. Under the law of Free Will, our desire for that will be accommodated by the masters. They will shake their heads as they do, it, but they will indeed block the stream of divinity into our Seventh Chakra, just as we instructed them to go ahead and do. Why would ascended masters want us to deliberately block this inflow of divine energy? They wouldn’t, and they don’t.

The ascended masters do tell us to be modest, yes — but by “modest” they mean choosing moderation over extremism. Modesty only means “balance”, it does not mean “lifelessness”, “shapelessness”, “formlessness”, “colourlessness”, “covertness”, “tastelessness”, or “shamefulness”. Ascended Master Mary has publically let it be known that dressing in a shape-hiding sack or a colour that is unflattering for our particular skin tone is the opposite of Humility — it is pride. This is because the people who do it view it as an external ritual that will result in God considering them more special than those who don’t. The ascended masters consider that perspective to be one of spiritual pride because it illustrates a desire for exclusivity and favouritism. The desire for exclusive status is at odds with the principle of Oneness, and therefore a spiritual contraction. Also from the ascended masters’ perspective, hiding the physical shell shows contempt for what God has deemed appropriate for us in a given incarnation. As does refusal to use creative talents to bring about physical beauty to lighten dark energy. Such contempt indicates the belief that we know better what is right for us than God does. That is a perspective that the ascended masters consider to be the height of spiritual pride.

The instructions to wear black and to cover our heads come from teachers who have not reached their ascension yet. I leave it to you to consider their motives for wanting people to darken their energy and block their intake of divine light. 


The Key to Transcending Vengeance

Humility is what is needed if we are determined to transcend our impulse for vengeance. Part of the reflexive impulse behind our desire for revenge is not losing face by allowing our “enemy” to “win”, or by not living up to an image others have of us as being a fighter and a victor. It takes strong dedication to the law of Humility to overcome these impulses. 

These types of fears are valid because yes, our image will change if we consciously lay down our sword when others are expecting us to wave it above our head and bring it crashing down on the other:

  • It will change for the worse with our peers and/or those counting on us fighting on their behalf. They may be mystified at our sudden refusal to punish the offender, not caring that we are on a spiritual quest to raise our state of being through mastering Oneness via Humility. They will be firmly attached to a sense of injustice stemming from the offender’s action, and then, further attached to their newfound disgust at us for betraying them. They will be resolutely swept up in the drama of the occasion, and our reputation with them will suffer as a result.

Well, so be it. Because:

  • At the very same time that our ego-based image is suffering with our peers, it will be changing infinitely for the better in the eyes of God. To God, our image has become glorious beyond description, because we have washed away a huge amount of dirt that had been smothering our immaculate core. When we lay down our sword of anger and leave vengeance to God — as God instructed us to do — we are strengthening our divine spark beyond imagination, and accomplishing a magnificent Transcendental Epiphany that will bring a graciously euphoric sense of triumph when we meet up with the Karmic Board.


A Message for Leaders and Teachers…

Any person of any kind who seeks to be worshipped for their personhood or position is setting themselves up as the false idol that God warns about in the first of the Ten Commandments. The fact that this principle is the number-one commandment is evidence of the importance of the principle of Oneness, under which every single one of us is of the same value as each other to God, and not one of us is more valuable than any other person and therefore no person is to be worshipped by another. Not one. In the context of spirituality, any spiritual person who tells us they are apart from us, more special than us, more spiritually senior to us, exclusive from us, and expects us to serve them is at odds with the Law of Humility. Humility is the law that underpins the Principle of Oneness. As stated elsewhere on this website, Oneness is the most important quality we are here to master. 

…And a Question for Followers and Students

If the messenger standing in front of us be an ant, will we observe/take note of/hear/accept the message anyway? Can we see beyond outer appearances and catch the inner messages that are being deliberately disguised to us, as a test of initiation relating to Discernment and Detachment in addition to Humility? Or, in our own view, should a teacher dress a certain way, have a certain amount of money, talk a certain way, be a certain age, be a certain gender? Are we too proud to listen to an ant, insisting that a spiritual messenger would only appear on a bed of clouds, dressed in a robe, with white light streaming from behind them and a heavenly chorus of angels singing backup songs for them?

Graciousness is the Key to Humility

Living in accordance with the Law of Humility is not about not feeling pleased or triumphant with our achievements: as long as we celebrate our victories graciously, we are safely within the bounds of the Law of Humility. The Law of Humility is not about putting others first and ourselves last at all times: it is about recognising our true worth as a person who is a divinely immaculate shard of God who is required by God to express the fullness of the divine spark that resides within us. The Law of Humility is not about reducing our lives to blandness and silence: it is about respecting God enough to make the Earth realm light, beautiful, melodic, joyous, and free.

The world has a long way to go to recognise the true meaning of Humility. You can help it along by living out your divine potential to the fullest, and not preventing those around you from doing the same.




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